B/Yul 비율 (pronounced "biyul", the meaning for us is "Barcelona's rhythm") is a dance group from Barcelona. We're some friends (not professionals!!) who meet to dance and have fun, we really love k-pop! And K-pop bands are our hobby :D
We hope you all enjoy our dance covers and support us! ^^
THANK YOU. 감사합니다.

miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

Bad Girl Good Girl - miss A (cover)

Here is our BGGG dance cover!! :3

Jia: EunHee
Min: Vero
Fei: SangHye
Suzy: YunEun
Camera 1: EunLi
Camera 2: DoubleSTY's SeungMin

lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

[Photo] Bad Girl Good Girl - miss A

Hi! Eunnie on keyboard :3
A few days ago, we recorded miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl! The video will be uploaded soon, but, do you want to take a peek at our outfits? ;)




Leader's solo session!




Maknae's solo session! (aww, so cute T_T)




Vero's solo session!



Eternal maknae's solo session! (mine 8DD)








lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

Saturday's photo ♥

Hello everyone! HeeYeon on keyboard :P
Well, I just wanted to post a photo of last Saturday's rehearsal "Bad Girl Good Girl" by "Miss A".

I hope all rehearsals will be as funny as always, even if Vero won’t be with us after recording “Bad Girl Good Girl”, we’ll keep doing our best and improving day by day !

domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Change - Hyun Ah dance cover!

Yay!! another cover uploaded on youtube!

this time we've chosen Change by Hyun Ah,
only Vero and me (YunEun / Mònika) did the cover,
but it's a short version!

I hope you like it and enjoy it!
Though we're not plenty satisfied, but it's okay! we tried our best and we'll improve next time!!

Please, look forward to our next cover,
it's gonna be a sexy one! =p

thank you! ~~ ♥

miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

Clap and NU ABO Cover!

Eternal maknae EunHee on keyboard!! ♥
Finally, our newest members Lidia (EunLi) and Saraah (SangHye) debuted on B/Yul's YouTube Channel!! *throws confetti*. They debuted with two dance covers. The first one, TEEN TOP's Clap, cover by SangHye and Byako. Then, f(x)'s NU ABO, cover by EunLi and SangHye. Both of them did a fantastic work with the dances, and we hope they'll improve, all of us as well! <3

Thank you!! ^^

From now on, hi English!!

Hi !! It's YunEun (or Monika) here~

This is our first entry in English!

we've decided to change the lenguage =)

Until today, we've been posting in Catalan,
the lenguage we speak in Catalunya~
so not many people can understand it!

Our friends on youtube are growing day by day (thank you!), and we have friends around the world!

so we're going to post in English from now on, so everybody can follow us on blogger!

In our blog, we post the videos we make, and also pictures and information~
we have some projects in mind, dance covers, parodies... so stay tuned!

We hope you like our dance covers,
we're not professionals, it's just our hobby, but we try our best in each dance!

we really love kpop, and we hope to make friends around the world who like kpop too~

Thank you !! =^^=

miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Are you A Good girl? (MV FANMADE)

Fa unes setmanes, una bona amiga meva (sóc l'Eunnie, hola XD, la Sylvia (JaeHwa) va venir desde València i es va quedar uns dies a casa. També és una gran fan del k-pop, especialment de TVXQ, i vam voler fer la nostra versió del MV (perque, bàsicament, la cançó no té un MV... més aviat, el que va fer la SM va ser juntar diferents parts de la seva gira de Mirotic, i ala, MV hecho).

Aquí està el resultat!! Esperem que us agradi <33

lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Shock dance cover!

Ja està aquí~(8)

Bueno, fa poquet vam coneixer uns nois a través de youtube,
i ens van demanar a la Vero i a mi (YunEun, hola ._.) de col·laborar amb ells per fer una cover de Shock (Beast /B2ST),
i dissabte per fi la vam gravar, esperem que us agradi =D

No oblideu posar un me gusta XD i comentar per veure que us ha semblat!


domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010


Fa una setmaneta la Vero es va gravar ballant Bang! de After School,
i ja està pujat al youtube! =^^=

Li va quedar geniaaal, i la roba està molt aconseguida, oi oi oi?
Vero fighting!!!

Esperem que us agradi el primer solo d'una membre de B/Yul!! :D