B/Yul 비율 (pronounced "biyul", the meaning for us is "Barcelona's rhythm") is a dance group from Barcelona. We're some friends (not professionals!!) who meet to dance and have fun, we really love k-pop! And K-pop bands are our hobby :D
We hope you all enjoy our dance covers and support us! ^^
THANK YOU. 감사합니다.

miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

Clap and NU ABO Cover!

Eternal maknae EunHee on keyboard!! ♥
Finally, our newest members Lidia (EunLi) and Saraah (SangHye) debuted on B/Yul's YouTube Channel!! *throws confetti*. They debuted with two dance covers. The first one, TEEN TOP's Clap, cover by SangHye and Byako. Then, f(x)'s NU ABO, cover by EunLi and SangHye. Both of them did a fantastic work with the dances, and we hope they'll improve, all of us as well! <3

Thank you!! ^^

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