B/Yul 비율 (pronounced "biyul", the meaning for us is "Barcelona's rhythm") is a dance group from Barcelona. We're some friends (not professionals!!) who meet to dance and have fun, we really love k-pop! And K-pop bands are our hobby :D
We hope you all enjoy our dance covers and support us! ^^
THANK YOU. 감사합니다.

viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!

2010 has been a very important year for B/Yul. In 2010, B/Yul was born, and we have been grown as a dance crew. We hope that 2011 will be a good year for B/Yul as well.

Now, B/Yul want to wish you all...


jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010


Yay!! This post is going to be in Catalan, since we need to find a new member from Barcelona! :)

Hola~ xD

sóc la YunEun,
doncs com ja es va comentar, busquem una nova membre per B/Yul, ja que ens agradaria ser 5 membres actius a Barcelona (fins que torni la Vero, que serem 6 ._.)

Noies! Si us interessa, seguiu llegint! ^^

Pot participar tothom, només demanem dues coses!

1- Tenir disponibilitat per quedar dissabtes al matí a Drassanes, que és on tenim la sala d'assaig, de 10 a 12h ! (la sala s'ha de pagar entre totes)

2- Que ens enviis un video en el cual et presentis (nom, nick, edat, on vius, i els grups q t'agraden de kpop o idols, i si vols alguna cosa més de tu, tmb guay! (no cal dir que això no influència en el reusltat, cada una amb els seus gustos xD)) i en el video també hauràs de ballar! El que vulguis, mentre sigui kpop! Balls de noi i de noia, pot ser una sola cançó sencera, un remix.. com us vingui de gust!

Sobre el segon punt, no us menjeu molt la olla, pq ja podeu veure al youtube q no som dance machines ni molt menys, és simplement per tenir una idea, ja que no volem que el grup es retrassi amb algú de nivell molt baix! >< volem avançar! :D Ja us dic, el que valorem més és l'energia i passos definits!! que se sapiga què esteu ballant XD
energy energy ~~

Quan tingueu el video, podeu enviar-lo a byulgroup@gmail.com !
podeu o pujar-lo a youtube i enviar-nos el link o pujar-lo a algun servidor com megaupload, mediafire... i ja ens el descargarem!

També hem creat un evento al facebook per arribar a més gent!

Teniu fins el dia 30 de Novembre per enviar els videos!!
Direm els resultats el dia 1 de Desembre, a través d'un missatge massiu als 'invitats' a l'evento, i també el posarem aquí al blog, per assegurar que tothom s'entera, i després ja ens posariem en contacte amb la persona en concret!!

Crec que ja està, si teniu algun dubte o cualsevol cosa, ens podeu deixar un comentari aquí o posar-vos en contacte amb alguna de nosaltres, o a través del mail... com vulgueu!

Espero que us animeeeeeeeu!!! :D

Gràcies a toteeeees!! ♥

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010


After the exhibition, 4 members of B/Yul ♥
Super Juni-or!
EunHee as DongHae (also RyeoWook)
HeeYeon as HeeChul (also as ShinDong)
YunEun as EunHyuk (also as SiWon)
Sorry, I was so ugly on the picture XDDDD

There's no pic only of SangHye who danced as SungMin and also YeSung, neither pictures of Byako who danced as KyuHyun or Edda who danced as LeeTeuk.

About to start Bonamana!

Dancing ~With the other dance groups, SSTY and SUPuu ! ♥
Enjoying other group's dance!
With a guy who we don't know, but as his friend said 'dude... you're god' !
One of our fave pictures! With Sexy Mafia, a dance group of jpop! We really admire them and they were so nice to us! =^^=

That's all! we'll upload the videos soon!! =^^=

thank you!

Bad News Good News

It's YunEun on keyboard ~ it's time for me to write to do an important announce,
we have bad news and good news, and I'm going to start with the bad ones...

From now on, B/Yul is a five member dance group again,
we're saying good bye to Byako and Edda.
We're not going to talk about it here, but we've already said everything to each other in private.

Though it's a hard desicion, thank you girls for being part of B/Yul,
we hope you both have a nice life and keep dancing.

That's why we're going to start looking for a new member soon, since Vero is still in Korea, we need a girl from Barcelona to dance with ~ So we'll be 5 active member until Vero comes back :)

It's weird to talk about good news after this,
but, on monday November 1st, we did the most important performance by the moment for B/Yul!! The event we've been waiting almost for a year has already finished! Saló del Manga was awesome! I've enjoyed so much this weekend with all my girls from B/Yul - SSTY - SUPuu!

We (6 members) danced on saturday and monday ! I bet you guess what we danced ~~ Bonamana by Super Junior!! (and I, YunEun, performed Stumble Stumble by D-NA on monday, since they needed someone to do Mika.)
it's better not to talk about saturday's performance because it was a... fail (?) XD but on monday was completly awesome! It was on Hallyu: Korean Fever, the exhibition with SUPuu and SSTY, we all did a great job, and a lot of people came to see us! Everybody cheered us so hard, and we felt people so close to us! I'm going to write this in Spanish, to all the people who came:

Simplemente, ¡Muchas gracias! A toda la gente que vino a vernos y apoyarnos a los 3 grupos, a todas aquellas que gritasteis un montón y nos animasteis des del público! Des del escenario se notaba mucho vuestro apoyo e implicación ~ estamos muy agradecidas ^^ yo, personalmente, fui muy feliz XDDD gracias! os queremos!! =^^=

After all this, B/Yul is starting a new stage !
Keep supporting us, we'll do our best!!

We'll post the videos and photos when people send them to us!
look forward to watch the videos, we're so happy with the results!

Also, soon we'll post information to find the new member,
please, girls from Barcelona, keep an eye on the blog! :)


domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

The countdown begins!! / Teen Top's "Clap" with BKC

Hi~! Eternal Maknae EunHee on keyboard~! (as usual 8DD).

Next weekend is the "Saló del Manga"!! We're so excited about it and nervous as well, but we're rehearsing like crazy so it'll be fine!

This weekend was the last rehearsals until the first performance, but I couldn't go there!! TT___TT I'm running a fever so I'm the only B/Yul member that hasn't perfected the dance yet... (I guess). But don't worry! All the others members are with SUPuu and DoubleSTY rehearsing right now, so it's OK! I'm gonna catch up them during the week <3

SATURDAY 30 - 11:00 ~ 12:00, we're performing with APCN, an association that is destined to Para Para and Japanese culture!! (but they're are expanding to dance and Korea and such, so we're in~).

MONDAY 1 - 12:30 ~ 13:30, we're performing with SUPuu and DoubleSTY (Hallyu: Korean Fever).

We're gonna dance Super Junior's Bonamana both days!! Here's the formation:

Edda: LeeTeuk
Byako: KyuHyun
YunEun: EunHyuk/SiWon
EunHee: DongHae/RyeoWook
HeeYeon: HeeChul/ShinDong
SangHye: SungMin/YeSung

By the way, two members (YunEun and SangHye) recorded Teen Top's "Clap" with the members of Bakuretsu Crew for Paranoid Rave's contest!! It's awesome, so check it up!!♥

And that's all for today~ take care♥ :3


viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

B/Yul's draw!!

Eternal Maknae on keyboard! 8D
Our friend Aichi (Ongaku no Girls' sub-leader) made a B/Yul's draw, she's an artist!! *____*

We're so cute~♥

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

(live) Miss A

As we said yesterday :)

we're satisfied =^^=
I think we've improved a lot since we recorded the dance version,
it makes me happy ~

we're gonna keep improving in every cover we dance ~ stay tunned! ^^

thank you for watching!

B/Yul Fighting!

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Charged 100 percent, we’re ready to go

Yo' guys~! EunHee on keyboard!!
This entry doesn't have sense at all, but right now I'm feeling so B/Yul (like a member) and I wanna post here the things that I can't shout out (because I don't want to scare my neighbours and citizens, you know).

Tomorrow we have a contest and WE'RE GOING TO WIN!!! (OK, not like that), but I'm confident about it. Maybe we're not going to win but we're going to leave everyone stunned!! B/YUL'S READY FOR THE WORLD!! (wroof~). We're gonna show you our best Bad Girl Good Girl dance!! FIGHTING!!

Okay, that's all about tomorrow. But I really want to say something:
B/Yul became something very precious to me, and now, thinking about it, without B/Yul, my life is somewhat empty. Not only for the sake that dancing gives us, but I found people that are like real sisters to me right now. Maybe we're so different but we have fun with each other, fulfilling our objectives, dancing with all our might and dreaming about one thing, B/YUL (I think so at least).

I want B/Yul to be something HUGE. I want to see B/Yul shining, not only to me, but to everyone.


lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010


We're gonna post two dance covers we performed in a small event in Barcelona called Akihabara@Deep, we danced Bad Girl Good Girl and 2 of us danced Shock with the guys of BKC ~

We didn't upload the videos in our youtube channel though, we hope you like it =)

You'll get tired of BGGG because we'll dance it again next saturday,
but soon we'll have new dance covers, just look forward to watch them :D

thank you!

jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

K-Pop exhibition!

There'll be an event in Barcelona called "Saló del Manga",
actually, it's about Japanese culture, but little by little Korean culture is gaining atention!
So organizers gave us time on the main stage to do an exhibition of kpop dances :D
Though we won't do by ourselves, also SUPuu and SSTY (both are dance groups) will participate, and we all will dance together :D

Our main dance will be Bonamana by Super Junior ♥ only B/Yul will dance this one, and then we'll mix for other dances!

It'll be on November 1st, it seems we have long time, but actually we haven't!! we're already stressed! XD we'll try our best because we really l o v e Bonamana and SuJu =^^= so please, look forward this dance cover!

And if you're from Barcelona, please come to see and support us!! :D

Also, last saturday some of us danced at an small event called Akihabara@Deep here in Barcelona, we danced Miss A and Beast again because we hadn't time to prepare another one!
We'll upload the videos soon!!

miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

Bad Girl Good Girl - miss A (cover)

Here is our BGGG dance cover!! :3

Jia: EunHee
Min: Vero
Fei: SangHye
Suzy: YunEun
Camera 1: EunLi
Camera 2: DoubleSTY's SeungMin

lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

[Photo] Bad Girl Good Girl - miss A

Hi! Eunnie on keyboard :3
A few days ago, we recorded miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl! The video will be uploaded soon, but, do you want to take a peek at our outfits? ;)




Leader's solo session!




Maknae's solo session! (aww, so cute T_T)




Vero's solo session!



Eternal maknae's solo session! (mine 8DD)