B/Yul 비율 (pronounced "biyul", the meaning for us is "Barcelona's rhythm") is a dance group from Barcelona. We're some friends (not professionals!!) who meet to dance and have fun, we really love k-pop! And K-pop bands are our hobby :D
We hope you all enjoy our dance covers and support us! ^^
THANK YOU. 감사합니다.

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010


After the exhibition, 4 members of B/Yul ♥
Super Juni-or!
EunHee as DongHae (also RyeoWook)
HeeYeon as HeeChul (also as ShinDong)
YunEun as EunHyuk (also as SiWon)
Sorry, I was so ugly on the picture XDDDD

There's no pic only of SangHye who danced as SungMin and also YeSung, neither pictures of Byako who danced as KyuHyun or Edda who danced as LeeTeuk.

About to start Bonamana!

Dancing ~With the other dance groups, SSTY and SUPuu ! ♥
Enjoying other group's dance!
With a guy who we don't know, but as his friend said 'dude... you're god' !
One of our fave pictures! With Sexy Mafia, a dance group of jpop! We really admire them and they were so nice to us! =^^=

That's all! we'll upload the videos soon!! =^^=

thank you!

6 comentarios:

  1. M'encanta!! Vaig disfrutar moltíssim :3 L'ANY QUE VE, A REPETIR!!♥

  2. Ponerlo en inglés y español! que las de aquí también queremos entender!!!! xDD
    Me lo pasé genial :D

    Magnae Bomhee :)

  3. yeah yeah yeaaaaaaahh!! animando desde la lejanía!! ahora soy fan en lugar de compañera XDDD

  4. Que monas!!
    Aunque Mónica, lo de la cara no ha sido nada digno! xD
    (Soy JingJing! ^^)

  5. Muchas gracias por animarnos!!

    A nosotros también nos gustó mucha vuestra actuación, ánimo y seguid así!

    Nelke & The Sexy Mafia Team