B/Yul 비율 (pronounced "biyul", the meaning for us is "Barcelona's rhythm") is a dance group from Barcelona. We're some friends (not professionals!!) who meet to dance and have fun, we really love k-pop! And K-pop bands are our hobby :D
We hope you all enjoy our dance covers and support us! ^^
THANK YOU. 감사합니다.

domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

The countdown begins!! / Teen Top's "Clap" with BKC

Hi~! Eternal Maknae EunHee on keyboard~! (as usual 8DD).

Next weekend is the "Saló del Manga"!! We're so excited about it and nervous as well, but we're rehearsing like crazy so it'll be fine!

This weekend was the last rehearsals until the first performance, but I couldn't go there!! TT___TT I'm running a fever so I'm the only B/Yul member that hasn't perfected the dance yet... (I guess). But don't worry! All the others members are with SUPuu and DoubleSTY rehearsing right now, so it's OK! I'm gonna catch up them during the week <3

SATURDAY 30 - 11:00 ~ 12:00, we're performing with APCN, an association that is destined to Para Para and Japanese culture!! (but they're are expanding to dance and Korea and such, so we're in~).

MONDAY 1 - 12:30 ~ 13:30, we're performing with SUPuu and DoubleSTY (Hallyu: Korean Fever).

We're gonna dance Super Junior's Bonamana both days!! Here's the formation:

Edda: LeeTeuk
Byako: KyuHyun
YunEun: EunHyuk/SiWon
EunHee: DongHae/RyeoWook
HeeYeon: HeeChul/ShinDong
SangHye: SungMin/YeSung

By the way, two members (YunEun and SangHye) recorded Teen Top's "Clap" with the members of Bakuretsu Crew for Paranoid Rave's contest!! It's awesome, so check it up!!♥

And that's all for today~ take care♥ :3


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  1. thank you EunHee ~~ ♥

    joliiiin, t'he trobat a faltar un mun TT__TT
    q inoportuna.. ¬¬ *la odia*

    ens sortirà guay, fighting!!

    saranghae~~ ^^